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New Student Information

New Student

Name: Clara Cerdà De Palou

Class Payments: $200.00

Mailing Address: 108 Cutler road

Owed: 1,800

City/State/Zip: Greenwich CT 06831

Home Phone

Cell Phone: (917) 403 5696

Occupation: Student

How did you hear about our school: Web

Education (High School/College/Other)

- Musical theatre, Coco Comín, Barcelona, Spain

- Theater Production arts at City Lit London, UK Graphic design, Norwalk Community College, Ct.

Work Experience (Theatrical and Non-Theatrical)

- Retail manager, London, UK - Production assistant, London, UK

- Set building and design for theater, UK

Tell us a little bit about yourselfI'm from Catalonia, Spain but had lived many years in the UK. I always try to set new goals and keep learning. I'm currently studying graphic design, but also taking piano and ballet. I am a theater, film and musical theater lover, trying to gain more experience in the production realization of Theater.

Emergency Contact name & numberMireia Just (646) 492 8264

Anything we should know? No