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New Student Information

New Student

Name: David Bruno

Class Payments: $200.00

Mailing Address: 308 West 106th Street 2R

Owed: 1,800

City/State/Zip: NY NY 10025

Home Phone

Cell Phone: (917) 886 6584

Occupation: Stagehand Replacement NY, NY

How did you hear about our school: Roberto Reynoso

Education (High School/College/Other)Industrial Arts San Francisco State University

Work Experience (Theatrical and Non-Theatrical)Carpentry, ironwork, railroad (CSX MNRR), Stagehand Replacement

Tell us a little bit about yourselfI interviewed with Joe 11/22/19 Friday 10 AM at the School with Roberto Reynoso. Joe seemed to be receptive to us applying to the curriculum.

Please supply three(3) references and have them write directly to us concerning your experience and abilities

1) Roberto Reynoso (347)-650-5714 Arts 

2) Matt Reiley (646)-796-6714 Restoration 

3) Tim Rodriguez (214)-385-0780 Railroad

Emergency Contact name & numberRoberto Reynoso (347) 650 5714

Anything we should know? I interviewed with Joe 11/22/19 Friday 10AM thoroughly discussing the schools expectations as well as my career moves and qualification. Because I am presently employed at times in theatre, industrials or Television, and I am relatively new, I prefer my information to remain confidential to the 11/22/19 Friday meeting.