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the Studio and
 of Scenic Arts


Spring 2024
  Semester Dates 

Saturday, February 3
Last Class Saturday,
April 27
12 sessions, 9am- 2:30pm

no class on Feb. 17
(President's Day), 

Free Studio Day on Sunday, April 7

Spring Calendar Here
Spring Registration deadlines : New Students 
Registration Due Monday, Jan. 22nd,
Returning Students Registration

Due Tuesday Jan. 30th
  All tuition and fees due on
Wednesday, Jan. 31st


    The Spring Studio Course has begun. But that isn't all that's going on at the Studio. Life is busy at 300 Shore Road in Cornwall-On-Hudson. In January we had an Open Studio for those who wanted to work on their 829 Exam in our paint space.  Also  during the break we downsized our footprint on the shop floor - reducing the deck space - in order to economize on our rent. And I assembled 14 Rosco Off-Broadway paint kits for those Exam participants who couldn't find the proper scenic paint for their projects.

     The dream of finding an adequate shop space (ideally closer to the city) has become somewhat more distant in this inflationary era; also the idea of picking up and moving was not only unaffordable, but also made us rather sad. Shore Road is the "original" scene shop in the Hudson Valley: many of the shops we know today - PRG, Hudson, Cigar Box, and others - had their start here in the 70's and 80's and the paint deck has been in near constant use since the 70's.  As I thought about it , I realized I have been coming to paint scenery in this space  (originally for Nolan's) for 37 years! I greet that ancient gang sink as a familiar old curmudgeon that somehow - amazingly - still functions.

    So we added a long wall separating the school from the PRG storage space, which will reduce our floor space by 50%, but will give us a display wall, and will reduce our rent. We also have added LED fixtures that are a decent 3400 Kelvin - a warm color that has evened out our work areas. For my part, I will  avoid buying the off-brand K-cups from the dollar store and will pledge to keep the Snack Jar somewhat full.

   The Open Studio, also called the #1 Seminar, was very useful - and in fact, those who came to the studio to paint their Home Projects for the 829 Exam - passed ! As did 3 more of our students.

Congratulations to all!

       The #2 Seminar was also popular.  The Seminar was a lecture entitled  A Scenic Artist's Intro to Film and TV , presented by 829 Charge Artist Rebecca Perrenod. Rebecca  described how film and TV shows work, what materials are used, what the different departments and job descriptions are, and what the various terms mean. We hope to have this workshop again.


   In the 12-week Studio Course, Instructor Jeff Baringer will carry on with the Panel Molding/Ornament (Donut) Project as he has done for the last several years, but with an updated Ornament and frame design, and I will be teaching Returning Students on Landscape, Color Theory, Trompe L'oeil, etc.  We also have begun the practice of daily sketching; everyone receives a small sketchbook at the first class and I ask everyone to try to do a sketch a day during the week. Students will discuss their drawings and we post them in the classroom. 

    Beginning Saturday, February 3, there will be 12 classes, 5 1/2 hours long - we will go from 9am- 2:30 pm.   Information and Registration Forms for the 12 Week Studio Course are available here and on the Tuition and Registration Page

    The Founder of the Studio and Forum, Joe Forbes, will be joining us from time to time to teach and to attend Critiques as a Judge to keep us in line. We will continue to invite Guest Instructors. 

   The School is no longer requiring staff and students to be vaccinated for Covid.   The CDC and New York State have relaxed their masking rules, but we need to be cautious - this virus is still hanging around. For some people, it may be wise to wear a mask but it's not required anymore. We have N95s and surgical masks on hand. More on the protocols on the Health and Safety page.

   We also ask new students to sign a Photo Release because we post your work frequently on our Facebook page. 

  The Studio and Forum is ready to welcome New and Returning students for the Spring Studio Course. 

Please check out our Curriculum page to read how our School works. It's not the usual art school.


                              -Jane Snow 

                                        Instructor and Managing Director                                                             

We welcome everyone interested in our school regardless of prior training,  occupation, or experience. The Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.
                Every Student comes to us at a different level: some who have worked as scenic artists already and those who have never even heard of the job. We promise that by the time you finish the first semester, you will be a different - and better - artist.

of Scenic Arts 

287/300 Shore Road
Cornwall, NY. 12520 

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