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                                     We're Back!!

and ready to begin again - in a new space and new situation. We have moved to 300 Shore Road in Cornwall-On-Hudson, N.Y.  Shore Road is the "original" scene shop in the Hudson Valley: many of the shops we know today had their start here in the 70's and 80's and the paint deck is still in use. Scenic Art Studio, our old location in Newburgh, needs their space back so it can begin to fully recover from these difficult months. So off we go and are busy outfitting our NewOld Shore Road space. Because we have the space full-time, we will eventually be able to hold more classes - more seminars, and more students. The Studio Class is now in two sections - this Fall we will have the Returning students on Saturdays and New Students on Sundays. That will allow for appropriate social distancing so we're not crowding ourselves and our paintings.

                  Now, for the bad news - the Founder of the Studio and Forum Joe Forbes will not be joining us this Fall, nor probably the Spring Semester either. As a heart transplant patient, Joe is considered immunosuppressed. Even though he is fully vaccinated, Joe has to be extremely careful to avoid large groups of unmasked people. Or even masked people....people in general. And that would be US! He may be able to teach remotely down the road, but for the time Joe. 

                  We will continue the Studio Class beginning September 18th. Jeff Baringer will carry on with the Donut Project as he has done for the last 6  semesters, and I will be teaching on both Saturdays with the Returning Students and on Sundays with Jeff and the New Students - wouldn't miss it. Some other changes : there will be 12 classes, 5 1/2 hours long, which is the equivalent of the old 13 , 5-hour classes. So we will go from 9am - 2:30 pm.

                  The School is requiring everyone - staff and students - to be vaccinated. There is a form in your Application/Registration package that you must sign to attest to the fact of your vaccination, and you won't be admitted if you're not (unless you can claim a religious or medical exemption). We all want to feel safer, so there may be times when you will be required to wear a mask, which like all Personal Protective Equipment, the School will provide. More on all the protocols on the Health and Safety Page. 

                     Sorry about all the verbiage here, but a lot has happened with us, as I'm sure it has with you. The Studio and Forum is moving forward, like you are, and this Fall we will be particularly and especially thrilled to see you!


                                                               -Jane Snow 

                                                                    Instructor, pro tem Managing Director,                                                                                                     and Window Washer

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We welcome everyone interested in our school, regardless of prior training, occupation, age, or experience. Every student comes to us at a different level: some who have worked as Scenic Artists already and those who have never even heard of the job. Students receive group as well as one-on-one instruction to ensure that they are progressing in their studies.

The Studio Class
The Studio Class
The Studio Class
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The Studio Class
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