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Staying Healthy at the Studio and Forum
The Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts is committed to keeping a clean and safe classroom and studio. Personally owned N95 masks that meet CDC Guidelines are preferable to wear; we can provide masks for those who don’t have them, disposable gloves, and various sanitizing supplies. 
 The space will be regularly cleaned and sanitized (with EPA-approved cleaning products) for the duration of the course. Maintaining cleanliness during the class can only be done with students accepting their responsibility for their role in ensuring the safety of others. If you don’t feel well on class day, don’t come. 
In-class Protocols 
    1. Please tell your parent, friend, or ride that visitors will NOT be allowed in the School
     2.You are asked to wash or sanitize your hands often. 
     3.  Since the CDC has revised their mask guidance (March 2, 2022), you may go maskless in the class.  Anyone who wishes to wear a mask is welcome to do so.
     4. It is wise to respect social distancing when interacting with others in the class. This means keeping a distance from others at the mixing table, paintings area, classroom, break room, and storeroom. Since we work closely for several hours during the seminars, please consider wearing a mask when you are within a couple feet of your fellow student.
    5. If tools or equipment must be shared, cleaning and sanitization are expected before and after use. You will keep tools for the length of the class and hand them in at the end of class to be cleaned and sanitized by the Class Assistants. Everyone shall make great effort NOT to share equipment.    
      8. Wash your hands after  using the bathroom.
      9. When the weather permits, students will be able to go outside during the 5 1/2 hour class where the roll doors will be opened for ventilation. Other strategies may also be employed.
       10. At the end of class you must take away any and ALL personal items - clothing, food, containers, personal tools, etc. Leave nothing behind.
Food Protocols
  1.    Students should wash their hands before going into the Break room to prepare food and drink, and they must wipe down surfaces touched with sanitizing wipes.
  2.    There will be chairs provided to take outside the studio for those who wish to eat outdoors, weather permitting.
  3.     During lunch, we encourage you all to go outside, weather permitting. You are expected to be tidy and use sanitizing wipes after touching surfaces. Prepare to take all food items with you.
Other Important Information:
Changes to these protocols may come as the COVID-19 protocols often shift. Should students feel unwell during the course, they are asked to stay at home.
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