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  Tuition and Registration


 the 2024 Spring Studio Class: 

      The twelve week semester program -
  the "classic" course of study at
   the Studio and Forum-

              starting Saturday February 3,       
 No Studio classes held on November 11 or 25.
   A Free Studio Day* will be held on Sunday, November 19.

  The last class is on December 9th.
      * Free Studio Day?? an optional extra studio session before the critique - 
an opportunity to refine and finish your projects 


   for more info, see the Curriculum Page, or contact Jane Snow
@ 845-548-9394 or


 "I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to Any and All Scenics wanting to brush up or learn new skills and tricks. Jane is very generous with her guidance.

Lots of demonstrations, information and hands-on opportunities. Small crowd of students. All encouraging. Engaging non-stress environment. All tools and materials included. Just sign up and walk in the door !"                                             

- Dana Kenn, USA Designer, Scenic Artist, Co-Chair of the Scenic Artist Exam Committee


What I gained in the Studio and Forum classes was immeasurable.
Learning from esteemed professionals informed my expectations .
Frankly, I'm a much more well rounded scenic for having taken classes with Jane Snow. I always recommend her forum to anyone with
an interest in becoming a scenic.
-Lauryn Pepe, USA Local 829 Scenic Artist

"I just wanted to let you know how glad am I to see that the "Studio and Forum" continues.  You are teaching a skill that probably cannot be acquired anywhere else in the country.  The main photo on your FaceBook page really took me back to a big chunk of my training and my professional life.  Thanks."
         -Fred Kolo (Kolouch),Usa Local 829 Scenic Artist/Designer, Photographer

"The Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts is an absolute necessity for anyone aspiring to become a Scenic Artist. Whether the goal is theatre, film or television, the techniques taught here provide all the necessary tools needed to further a career in the Scenic Arts.

-Michael Franzese, USA 829 Scenic Artist

"When the studio does go virtual- count me in! The classes and working at the scene shop were the most educational, challenging and fun times I’ve ever had in my art life." - Jessica Brown, painter, sculptor

 "Being in the room with deeply engaged faculty and students

at the Studio and Forum of Scenic Art  is my idea of a superb 

teaching and learning environment... an easy give and take to discussion 

 and demonstration; so much talent in the pursuit of good scenic art coming

               from both sides of the equation. I always feel humbled AND excited to

  participate in such splendid critique sessions:  eager students who WANT to learn.

                 A truly wonderful environment- and a great faculty."  -     

                                                                                                            Campbell Baird,

                                                         USA 829 Designer and Educator        


Cost of the 12 Week Studio Course:
$2100 for New Students,
$2000 for Returning Students


 Registration For the 2024 Spring STUDIO CLASS

Studio Course Registration Form
  fill this form out:

Photo Release Form

 Please submit your Tuition Payment in the form of
check, Zelle*, or Paypal*, return with all forms to:
The Studio and Forum of Scenic Art, Registration

        c/o Jane Snow, 626 New Hempstead Rd, Spring Valley, NY 10977-1709
          OR email to :

            *for Zelle or PayPal, please call/text Jane
at 1-845-548-9394

before you can be accepted to the Studio Course.  
For the interview you must submit examples of your artwork to the Studio and Forum. Those should include 5-8 photos of your RECENT work such as drawings, paintings, and/or sculpture. Send the link to your website, upload images as a pdf, or drag and drop into an email to: After we receive your Studio Class Registration, Proof of Vaccination and Photo Release forms, we will contact you to set up a brief Zoom interview with Jane Snow, the Managing Director of the Studio and Forum. The interview is usually less than 30 minutes. This is not a formal portfolio review, we simply want to see what level you are at in your education or career. Your artwork should be received by the School 5 days prior to the interview. Very shortly thereafter, we will inform you of your acceptance to the School. Tuition and fee payment must be made upon receipt of your Student Acceptance Form.



the Studio and Forum
of Scenic Arts

287/300 Shore Road
Cornwall, NY  12520

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