for more info, see the Curriculum Page, or contact Kyle Higgins                     @ 845-522-8478 or khiggins@studioandforum.org

             Here it is:
  Tuition and Registration


          the 2022 Fall Studio Class:          

                   The twelve week semester program -
                the "classic" course of study at
                     the Studio and Forum-

                  starting Saturday September 10th.                                     No Studio classes held on
                 November 12th and November 26th.
       A Free Studio Day* will be held on Sunday, Nov. 24.
  The last class is on December 10th.
  Registration below.             * Free Studio Day?? an optional studio session before the critique - 
an opportunity to refine and finish your projects 


 "My time spent with you guys has been a necessary building block in my life, acting as a shake-up wake-up moment, building me into who I am today. For that, I thank you wholeheartedly."       - Grace D’Entremont

"I just wanted to let you know how glad am I to see that the "Studio and Forum" continues.  You are teaching a skill that probably cannot be acquired anywhere else in the country.  The main photo on your FaceBook page really took me back to a big chunk of my training and my professional life.  Thanks."
         -Fred Kolo (Kolouch)

"When the studio does go virtual- count me in! The classes and working at the scene shop were the most educational, challenging and fun times I’ve ever had in my art life." - Jessica Brown 

 "I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to Any and All Scenics wanting to brush up or learn new skills and tricks. Jane is very generous with her guidance.

Lots of demonstrations, information and hands-on opportunities. Small crowd of students. All encouraging. Engaging non-stress environment. All tools and materials included. Just sign up and walk in the door !"                                                  

                                                    - Dana Kenn


#5 Woodgraining : 3 Sundays
May 1, 8, &15  9:00
am - 3:00pm

#6 Portfolio Review & Prep for the Track "A" Exam: 1 day - Saturday, May 21 beginning at 9am

#7 Marble : 2 Saturdays, one Sunday
June 4, 5, & 11  
9:00am - 3:00pm

The Registration Forms for the Woodgraining Seminar, the Portfolio Review, and the Marble Seminar are available below.



  the Spring/SummerSeminars...
They're about the common faux finishes that
Scenic Artists are called upon

to paint in the course of their careers.
The two seminars that we are offering
in the later part of the Spring Semester are
the popular seminars we offered in the Fall of 2021:





      Registration For the STUDIO CLASS


               Studio Course Registration Form.pdf

                       fill these forms out:

  Proof of Vaccination Form  &  Photo Release Form 

            Please submit your Tuition Payment in the form of
                         a Check, PayPal, or Zelle, and 
                             return with all forms to:

                    The Studio and Forum of Scenic Art, Registration
                 c/o Kyle Higgins, 11 Oak Place, Croton, NY 10520-3402

                       OR email to :  khiggins@studioandforum.org

            NOTE NEW STUDENTS: You must submit a portfolio and                        be interviewed before you can be accepted to the Studio Course.  
         See details on the 
Studio Course Registration Form

   Registration For the SPRING SEMINARS


       Seminar #5 Woodgraining Registration Form

    Seminar #6 Portfolio Review and Preparation for                           the Track "A" Exam

           Seminar #7 Marble Registration Form 

                   Forms for NEW STUDENTS only :
                   Proof of Vaccination Form 
                       Photo Release Form 

      and submit them with your Tuition Payment
         in the form of check, PayPal, or
Zelle to:
                   The Studio and Forum of Scenic Art, Registration     
                 c/o Kyle Higgins, 11 Oak Place, Croton, NY 10520-3402
                        OR email to:   khiggins@studioandforum.org

​     Tuition for #5 Woodgraining & #7Marble:

   Both seminars are 3 sessions, but you may            opt to take just the first 2 sessions.
         The tuition for
3 sessions is $675;
         The tuition for
2 sessions is $475

   Returning and current students receive a reduction in the                fees of $25.00: 3 sessions will cost $650,
                       2 sessions
will be $450          


New Students: $2100.00 Returning Students: $2050.00

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Scene Painting 

the Studio and Forum
of Scenic Arts

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