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THE STUDIO AND FORUM PROGRAM is designed for a student who wants to study and improve their understanding of scene painting, but can only take classes part-time.  Students work through each project at their own pace while experiencing the studio atmosphere of cooperation and friendly competition; perhaps nowhere else do art students acquire such a sense of synergy and combined effort than on a project painting scenery. It's in these first semesters that the student participates in a collaborative class effort while working individually through their own challenging projects.

The Studio Class is the main part of the school's program, using a semester system of 12 weeks per semester.
The Forum Seminars are the other main component of the school's program, comprised of individual 1 to 7 -day courses covering short-term topics.

However, it is also possible to take individual Semesters and à la carte Forum courses. This option allows students to brush up on their skills, or simply learn a specific technique.
We recommend the full three-year program for anyone who is looking to pursue being a Scenic Artist as a career. Many of our students have gone on to careers in Regional and Repertory Theaters, Film and Television, and many have taken the USA Local 829 Scenic Artist exam and proceeded to have successful employment as Union scenic artists. Click here for a look at 829's website.


STUDIO CLASSES: Each semester consists of Twelve 5 1/2 hour Studio Classes, given one day a week. Students will learn about light and color theory, layout, handling of paint and other scenic materials, and methods of reproducing master paintings. All students proceed at their own pace.

FORUM SEMINARS:  Generally, Forum Seminars will be offered each semester. The Forum classes are short-term workshops designed to give more specific technical instruction in areas such as architectural perspective, faux finishes, sculpture for the theatre, and other specialty crafts. Forum Seminars are an excellent way to try your hand at new scenic techniques. Look for the schedule of Forum Seminars here or on our Facebook page.



         Suit and Tie Optional at the Studio and Forum

        Spring 2024

  Saturday, February 3, through Saturday, April 27, 2024

no classes on February 17

Free Studio Day on

Sunday, April 7


Location: the Studio and Forum of Scenic Art

Address: 287/300 Shore Road, Cornwall-on-Hudson, 12520



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The following is a list of the topics covered in the Studio classes over the three-year program: 

Studio Projects:

- Panel Molding and Painted Ornament.           

- Opaque Landscape - Corot Study

-  Color Theory

- Trompe l’oeil : Gold Ornament on Marble

- 17th Century Painters: Reproducing a Vermeer

- Painters of the 18th Century

- 19th Century Art movements

- Painting from the Designer Elevation


Technical Studies:

- Tools and Materials for the Theatrical Scenic Artist

Color Theory

- Safety and the Scenic Artist

- Process Analysis

- Theatrical Backdrop Preparation

- Drawing and Layout 

- Handling paint and dyes

- Single Translucencies, Double Translucencies

- Opaquing Methods

- Textural Applications

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