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Class is designed to give students hands on knowledge of the tools and techniques they need to become a professional Scenic Artist. Students will have the same teacher throughout the program and will receive individual as well as group instruction. Along with teaching students about their assigned projects, the instructor will also provide guidance on portfolio and resume construction. The following is a list of the topics covered in the Studio classes over the three year program.

The Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts - Tromple L'oeil

Another Successful Studio and Forum class for the books. It is the studio’s mission to teach the traditional skills of scene painting, while incorporating new materials and techniques.

We're up and running at the Studio and Forum of Scenic Art! Instructor Joseph Forbes had some special guests (Jenny Knott from Rosco, Katie Fry from Infinite Scenic, and a mystery guest -an esteemed teacher of Scenic Art from an East Coast University situated on the Charles River).

The Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts - Tromple L'oeil

The Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts - Panel Molding & Painted Ornament

The Studio and Forum of Scenic Arts - Panel Molding & Painted Ornaments semester 1. The Studio class is one course dedicated to teaching students the skills needed to work as a professional Scenic Artist in the entertainment industry. 

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