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#1 Summer Forum: Faux Finishes: Woodgraining

Instructor: Lynn Muniz

DATE: May 9th and 10th (Saturday & Sunday) 

TIME: 9am - 2pm


This is the first in a series of 3 seminars covering Faux Finish techniques as they are applied to scenic painting for theatre and film. In this seminar, students will explore various woodgraining methods, painting samples on hard panels.


Lynn Muniz is an 829 Charge Artist specializing in theatrical scenery painting. Woodgrain is one of her many specialties.


The cost of the Woodgraining course is $300 which includes all materials.


Instructors - Steve Purtee, Katy Purtee and Jane Snow Students - Ryan Dantuano, Michael Watters, Michael Fusco, Nola Romano, Giulia Harrison, Colleen Lonergan, Abby Meyers-Orr, Sara Moneymaker, Keli Snyder, Courntey Ross, Fallon Ventola, Marlene Eckhardt, Christie Olivieri, Ekaterina Golovinskaya, Elizabeth Langer, Giulia Harrison, Heather Piper, Margarita (Rita) Pinkusevich, Maria Colonnato, Michael Fusco, Nadezda Sivokoneva (Nadia Galla), Natalia Danilova, Nola Romano, Katie Afunkago

Students: Nola Romano, Casey Herasimaschuk, Marlene Eckhardt, Goran Milosevski, Michael Gaffney, Michael Watters, Xeniya Wooster, Steve Hertzel, Chris McArdle, Lisa Maxwell, Amy Zuchowski

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