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Every year the Kanai Workshop program comes to Scenic Art Studios to not only to explore the United States but to study our techniques & style of hand painted scenery here at the shop.


Our instructors Joseph Forbes and Jane Snow take them through our Studio and Forum school program. Starting off with the 

ornament project and ending with the corot drop.


We are Honored to host them at our studio 

space. Plus, we get to learn a thing or two 

from them as well!!  🇯🇵


Students - Toru Okada, Akari Fukazawa, 

Kanako Morita, Airi Nagayama, Jane Snow, 

Syuhei Yamamoto, Takeshi Furukawa, and 

Yu Shibagaki. Mr. Kanai sends artists to 

Scenic Art Studios every year for workshops.


Scenic art studios

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